Love At First Sight

We get to hear a ton of car stories. From father and son builds, to cars that were once dreams now being a reality – you name it, [...]

Iron Man’s Revenge

Iron Man certainly chose the first-generation Audi R8 for a reason as it not only stands out amongst a crowd of exotics with its bold aesthetics, it can back up [...]

Lone Star Lane

  The world of custom old-schools is definitely dominated by General Motors vehicles and anything else hardly ever earns respect. Yet, there are those rare occurrences where someone has the balls to [...]

Flash Forward

  It's safe to say Dwight Howard can afford just about any vehicle on the planet as he currently makes over 20 million per year and has raked in hundreds of [...]

Star Player, Number i8

Every team has a star player. The unstoppable Warriors have Steph Curry, the Bulls had Jordan, and the Lakers had Kobe. What do all of them have in [...]

Reappearing Act

The average midsize car has right about 200 horsepower, which does the job decently well. But here at Forgiato, decent is a word that just doesn’t comprehend. Everything [...]

Twin-Turbo Twilight

The Ferrari 458 Italia was an excellent example of a pure, unadulterated Italian sports car with its naturally-aspirated V8 and uncanny road behavior. However, the 458 Italia's replacement, [...]

Tropical Storm

  The Lamborghini Huracán LP 610-4 is equally menacing and gorgeous straight off the showroom floor. However, there are those select few automotive aficionados that feel a stock [...]

Z Oh Sick

What can you expect from a car tuner that has built cars for GT racing? What if that tuner has 40 years experience? What if that tuner takes [...]

Black Mamba 458 On Ventoso

We’ve seen our share of Ferrari 458’s, partly because the “best drivers car from Ferrari since the F40” according to Jeremy Clarkson has been shattering sales records for [...]