Lamborghini Aventador on Formula Racing Forgiatos

Clean and simple, a stunning white Lamborghini Aventador on a set of our Formula Racing F-Cinque wheels.

Forgiato at the 2014 Beijing Auto Show

Another great auto show for Forgiato, this time in Beijing. This year we were able to show the people of Beijing a variety of different wheels designs, colorways and even unveiled a Pagani sitting on a custom set of Forgiato wheels. Next stop, Miami Florida!

Ford Transit Skyliner Concept New York 2014

From hardwood floors, to a full bar, to recline-able leather seats,and even a drop down projector screen, this Ford Transit Skyliner has it all. Perfect for all traveling occasions this luxurious Skyliner is a portable 5 star transportation system, and to no surprise its sitting on Forgiatos. […]

Mansory Porsche Panamera Turbo GoldRush Rally

We came across a cool little video of this decked out Panamera having some fun. The Concavo-M’s kept spinning as the Panamera was doing donuts on the field.

Forgiato Tokyo Summit 2014

This past weekend a couple of the Forgiato owners in Tokyo decided to meet up and have their own little summit, we saw a wide variety of cars ranging from G-Wagons to Rolls Royce Phantoms and even the Forgiato Wide Body Corvette. Here are just a few of the […]

Forgiato at the 2014 Los Angeles DUB Show

It’s no surprise that Forgiato showed up and made a mark at the 2014 Los Angeles DUB Show. The Forgiato booth was filled with some of the most beautiful cars in the world from exotics to old schools. The cameras wouldn’t stop flashing and the crowd was […]

Matte Black Denali on 28′s

Nothing too flashy, yet not your average soccer mom car. This GMC Denali is rolling on some 28″ Infernos with a chrome finish giving it a flashy look and a matte black wrap giving it its mean demeanor. The flashy chrome and the matte finish compliment each other perfectly […]

Wide Body 458 Italia

Just when you thought you had seen enough 458 Italia’s on Forgiato’s we found you guys one more. This baby blue stallion is rolling on a 20″ set of Dieci-C Forgiato’s and is equipt with a wide body kit you’ve probably never seen before. The purple finish on the […]

Off-Roading Forgiato Jeep [VIDEO]

Yes, you’ve probably seen Forgiato’s on a whole bunch of exotic cars, but that’s not the only thing were about. We decided to do something out of the ordinary and end up with the beautiful off-roading machine. We took the Jeep, gave it a fresh white paint job,a […]

Rick Ross’s 458 Italia

Rick Ross knows what’s up, his white 458 Italia is sitting on a set of 21″ Maglia’s from Forgiato. With the red finish on the rims you know the boss is going to stand out when hes rolling through the streets of Miami.