Audi S7 in Downtown Los Angeles

With a V8 hiding under its hood this modernized looking beast has a two faced personality that’s quite unexpected. Forgiato’s sales manager, Ron, took his matte white Audi S7 and gave it two completely different looks. Which set of 21s do you like better? Silver or Gold?
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1972 Chevy Impala on 26’s

Old school Impalas and Forgiato Maglias seem to really be a good fit for each other. Here’s another 1972 Chevrolet Impala mounted on a set of 26″ Forgiato Maglia wheels in a brush finish. A clean ride with subtle looking wheels to contrast the bright coat of green this Chevy carries as it continues […]

Lambo Gallardo on F2.09 Wheels

Nothing says OG like a yellow Lamborghini, Euro Motorsports took the fierce looking Lamborghini Gallardo and simply threw on a new set of Forgiato wheels to give the car a completely new look. It’s riding on a set of the Forgiato F2.09s, a very concave three piece wheel sizing in at 20″ and coated in a matching […]

Yo Gotti’s Bentley Continental GT

Other than their flashy lifestyle, jewelry and attention catching lyrics rappers are known to have some of the hottest whips on the streets. This unpredictable Bentleys Continental GT belongs to Tennessee’s own Yo Gotti. Its rolling on a set of custom 22″ Forgiato F2.01 wheels with a white and bronze finish. The Continental GT is wearing a custom body […]

Maserati Granturismo on 2.01-B

Forgiato Japan keeps it consistent with the luxury coupes rolling on a fresh set of wheels. This Maserati Granturismo is sporting a set of Forgiato 2.01 wheels in a B forging and smoked satin finish, giving it a appealing look no matter what angle you view it from.

2015 Mercedes-Benz S550 Coupe

Rim Source Motorsports does it again! Quicker and more athletic-looking than the mothership S-Class sedan, the 2015 Mercedes-Benz S550 Coupe replaces the CL-Class in the Benz family and does it beautifully. This brand New Mercedes-Benz S550 coupe is sitting on Forgiato Dieci ECL wheels in a two tone paint finish. With a whisper-quiet ride, a strong engine, coherent handling […]

1973 Caprice on Drea Wheels

I95 Motorsports from Hallandale, Flordia took this 1973 Caprice and turned it into a show stopping ride. It’s discrete baby blue color gives the donk a cruisers feel, it’s rolling on a set of Forgiato Drea wheels with a brushed finish and a matching blue lip, and finished off with a matching Forgiato steering wheel.

M6 on Chrome Forgiatos

Although the new M6 is already out and about the old body is still nothing to underestimate. This wide body M6 in Germany is a great example of being loud yet subtle at the same time. It’s rolling on a set of 22″ chromed out Forgiato Concavo wheels along with bronze brake calipers, and finished off with a custom […]

Range Rover Sport on ECL wheels

Range Rover gave the all new mid sized luxury SUV an all around new identity. Being known as the quicker version of the LR3 and LR4, the 2014 model brought out a new personality for the Range Rover Sport. The new all-aluminum unitized body construction on the Sport drops roughly 800 pounds of body weight, […]

G63 on Matte Black Forgiatos

The Mercedes G63 AMG is one of the few cars that doesn’t quite need an introduction considering the fact that it’s appearance speaks for its self. Loaded with a twin-turbo 5.5-liter V-8 engine and a seven-speed automatic transmission it’s one of the faster SUVs in the market and frankly one of the better looking ones as well. Calabasas Luxury […]