• Box Chevy Inferno-5

Blueberry Jam

We’re back folks, and as always, we’re here to bring you yet another amazing ride. This time we’re feeling extra loved by the owner of this ride, and it’s not […]
  • forgiato-la-autoshow-2015-14

Forgiato Takes Over LA Auto Show

The LA Auto used to be shadowed by the Detroit, and New York Auto shows, which we always thought was kind of weird. Los Angeles car culture is world famous, […]
  • Range_Rover_Sport_Wheel_Fix_it_5

Storm Troopin’ On Autonomo-L’s

Just in time for the newest Star Wars movie, we received our next installment for the blog. Today, we look at yet another Range Rover wearing some Forgi’s, and this […]
  • charger-rt-on-canale-forgiato-2

Tidy Charger

There’s nothing we can say about that Charger that hasn’t already been said. It’s a great car, with great potential. That’s why whenever we get to write about this revival […]
  • forgiato-aventador-forgiato-f209-snake-skin-1

Lethal Lambo On F2.09

Bulls don’t bite, they stampede, trample and use their horns to claim their territory. Bulls are lethal, protective and feared animals, that’s why Lamborghini’s founder and namesake, Ferrucio Lamborghini used […]
  • Cadillac CTS - C2C-3

The Comeback Kid By Coast To Coast

No more than ten years ago, when someone uttered “Cadillac” an underwhelming feeling crept over. The General Motors brand was barely breathing, putting out instantly forgettable cars that were neither […]
  • 1964 Impala By BTS Customs-2

Rollin’ Down The Street In A Red 6-4

You know the song, or should we say songs, where the line is dropped about the lowrider of all lowrider’s, the 1964 Chevy Impala. The 64’ Impala’s fan base is […]
  • lexus_22_autonomo_jays_gold-forgiato-5

A Lexus Worth Its Weight In Gold

Almost three decades ago the other oval badge made a pretty serious claim. The fresh brand from Japan known as Lexus set its sights on the German competition that reigned […]
  • forgiato-huracan-rdbla-5

A Wide Body Bull With Two Personalities By RDBLA

Getting ready for SEMA takes months, and rushing good work is not a part of our repertoire, so when our Los Angeles based mates @rdbla announced their build of a […]
  • sicryde-forgiato-duro-white-8

On The Road With Sic Ryde

Our neighbors to the north have an export for us. No, it’s not Canadian bacon, nor is it snow; it’s not even maple syrup. From a land where blizzards are […]