1987 Cutlass on Brushed Wheels

The SEMA Show is the mecca of all car shows with the widest variety of automobiles in the same area at one time. The 1987 Cutlass was just one of the many old school whips in Vegas for the show and by no surprise Swift Car Club had it sitting on Forgiatos. The 24″ Forgiato Concavos are […]

Rolls Royce Ghost on Monoblock Forgiatos

One of the flashiest cars that you’ll see driving on the streets of Beverly Hills is the Rolls Royce Ghost. The supreme sedan is sitting on a set of Forgiato GTR-M wheels, a one piece wheel sizing in at 22″ x 9″ in the front and 22″ x 10″ in the back and coated in a three way color […]

Rolls Royce Wraith on Monoblock Wheels

After RDB LA had finished up the final touches on Forgiato’s CEO’s Wraith we decided it was time to have it mounted on some Forgis. The two door Rolls Royce is sitting on a set of 24″ monoblock Freddo M wheels, a one piece wheel in a brushed finish to match the custom hood and floating caps to obtain […]

Cadillac Escalade on 30″ Wheels

The 4th generation Cadillac Escalade has a striking presence from the design of its sharp edged body to its masculine size. Pops Tires from Vegas hooked this Escalade up with a hefty set of 30″ Forgiato Decimo wheels in a chrome and black finish, along with a custom Forgiato sound system set up in the trunk to get as […]

White on White Porsche Panamera

YG set the tone for Porsches sitting on Forgiatos and ever since “Who You Love” dropped we’ve seen a number of Panameras riding on big and concave Forgiatos. This white Panamera is riding around on a set of Maglias in a B forging, coated in a matching white and chrome finish sizing in at 22 inches.

2015 Wide Body Ford F-150

The newly redesigned Ford F-150 focuses more of its strength on its design and less on its weight. Ford now using aluminum parts around the body and the bed of the truck claims to have shed nearly 700 pounds of weight off the vigorous pickup. After sending it to TS Designs to add a few personalized characteristics to the […]

Lamborghini Huracan Mounted on Concave Wheels

The newest addition to the Lamborghini family fills in the open parking spot that the Gallardo no longer takes up. The Lamborghini Huracan can be recognized as the little brother of the ground breaking Aventador, yet can still compete when its comes to getting to 60 faster. The 602 horsepower V-10 engine has a top speed of 202 mph […]

25 Cars on Forgiatos at the 2014 LA Auto Show

Every year the Los Angeles Auto Show brings out some of the hottest cars from around the world for the people of Los Angeles to enjoy. This year 25 cars on Forgiatos made their way to the LA Convention center ranging from sports cars, foreign exotics, SUVs, motorcycles and even sprinter vans.

Ferrari California by Exotic Euro Cars

Although labeled as the Ferrari that can be driven as an everyday car, the California is nothing to underestimate. Exotic Euro Cars took the already engaging convertible and threw on a set of Forgiato Fata-ECL wheels in a black and red finish to add a bit of originality to the 453 horsepower beast. What do you guys think, would […]

BMW I8 on a Brand New Forgiato Wheel Design

The BMW I8 has probably been one of the most talked about automobiles in the past couple months. Its futuristic looks have a unique eye catching factor that makes a driving think “What is that?!”, and its quite engine gives it a mysterious effect of unknown speed. The turbo charged electric engine powers 357 horses, houses a top speed […]